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Want To Visit Wales? How About The Pembrokeshire Coast?

Pembrokeshire Coast


There is much to explore if you visit Wales, especially on the Pembrokeshire coast!

Me and my families goal is to show you everything the area has to give with fun and interesting video content, plus further photography and information. More about us can be found here

Not only will be exploring the coast, but we will take you inland, and throughout the whole of Pembrokeshire and areas around, so you can see what there is to see and do before you visit Wales.

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Pembrokeshire Coast & Around

The Pembrokeshire coast and the areas around are wondrous places with much to see and do!

From beaches, coasteering, watersports, fishing, walking, hiking, camping, wildlife plus many other activities and sights, you are not left short of things to see and do!

The Pembrokeshire Coastal Path

The coastline its self runs for over 186 miles, of which there is a coastal path that runs the entire route! Most of the coastline is within the Pembrokeshire National Park.

Additionally, the coastal path passes through 58 beaches and 14 harbours, many of which will leave you lost for words with their beauty!

Interestingly, the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path took over 17 years to complete with 100 footbridges and 479 styles installed. It is truly something magnificent!

The scenery, foliage and wildlife are second to none! No two parts look identical, keeping it a delightful and exciting, no matter how far you choose to walk.

What makes this even better, is access to the path is possible at many points throughout Pembrokeshire’s coast. It is possible to walk as little as a few miles, or the entire route for those who like to challenge themselves.

Furthermore, the path height ascends and descends nearly 11km over its length, thus equating to climbing Everest one and a quarter times! It is undoubtedly one for the bucket list!

With all the coastal ports, camp sights and nearby villages and towns along the route, it is possible to stay over in varying types of accommodation, depending on your preference, along the path without straying from it!

St Nons to Porthclais coastal walk near St Davids is a fantastic and interesting walk which we would highly recommend. 

Porthgain Harbour Village

A Walkers Delight!

With over 2000 miles of footpaths to go out, you are never far off from a fantastic walk!

Talking from personal experience, the footpaths around Pembrokeshire are some of the best and most interesting in the country!

Furthermore, there is so much diversity. From walking cliff tops along the coastline, through to walking through farmland and commons, there is something for every walker here!

Another great place to go walking is Porthgain (image above) to Traeth LLyfn Beach!

A Rich History

There are many thousands of years of traceable history in Pembrokeshire!

There is evidence to suggest that humans have inhabited the area for as many as 125,000 years!

Regardless of how far back you believe people have lived in Pembrokeshire, there is certainly ample evidence for more ‘recent’ times with over 20 castles, a cathedral and other places of worship spanning over 1500 years and many other historical sights.

One great castle to visit in Pembrokeshire, is Pembroke Castle!

There are doorknobs in this part of Wales that are older than the USA! That has to be enough to make anyone smile!

Even if you are not interested in the history of the area, the ancient architecture, artefacts and other sites throughout the lands are something amazing to behold!

Pembroke Castle

It Doesn't Stop There...

So what are you waiting for?!

Come and look further into our website and see all of the fantastic areas there are to explore in the area!