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Best Beaches Uk | Is Newgale Beach Wales One?

Newgale Beach

Are you looking at one of the best beaches (UK)? Newgale Beach, Wales, has many qualities which could make it one of the best in the United Kingdom! 

Below are some quick key points about the area:

  • There are close to 2 miles of a rich, clean and sandy beachfront.
  • It has blue flag status!
  • 70%> of the beach is dog-friendly year-round, with the beach being 100% dog friendly out of season.
  • Local car parks are right next to the beach, all of which are of a good size and are low-cost.
  • Lifeguards operate in-season.
  • Fishing is permitted.
  • Excellent waters for surfing, canoeing and other water sports. Plus, there is a hire shop on the beachfront.
  • Large rock pools present on the south part of the beach.
  • A large camping and campervan site is right next to the beach.
  • There are toilets in multiple locations along the beach.
  • Shops, snacks and pub are present on the beachfront.
  • Nearest postcode: SA62 6AS

One Of The Best Beaches In The UK For Dogs?

It certainly could be! 

The centre of Newgale beach, which is closest to the first car park, is where the dog restrictions are present in-season. 

It does vary in size, but the restricted part never covers more than 30% of the beach, more often than not, it is smaller than this.

Better still, in later evenings and early mornings, the restrictions are not generally enforced, meaning the full stretch of the beach can be used.

Another excellent choice for dog owners is Poppit Sands

Newgale Beach Video Review:

Access To The Beach

Parking is cheap, and there is a good amount of well-maintained parking lots. 

In total, there are three main car parks, one to the north side of the beach, one towards the middle, and one in between.

There are some places a short drive out to park free of charge, but in our opinion, the parking is very affordable and goes a long way towards the maintenance and facilities, which are very well maintained. Please support the area and used the paid parking.

Getting onto the beach at any point could be difficult for those with severe mobility issues; this is due to a raised and loose pebble bank which can be a bit tricky to get down and up.

However, once on the beach, so long as the tide is out, there is nothing but soft sand which has a shallow slope off towards the sea, making it possible to wade out into shallow waters at extended distances.

An excellent choice for those with mobility issues is Newport Sands.

Newgale Beach Pebble Bank

Tides & Slope

It is important to note, the entire sandy part of the beach is lost at high-tide. The beach is best enjoyed 90> minutes after high-tide and before.

Furthermore, as a result of the sand and shallow slope to the sea, the water can be warm here in good weather. There is also excellent surf, and the beach is a big hit with surfers as a result.

Facilities At The Beach

At the north end of the beach, there are a series of local shops, including canoe/board hire, various food and snack outlets, a pub and a camping & caravan site.

The toilets to the beach are located on the northernmost car park, which is the most popular part and where the dog restrictions take place in-season, as well as the southern car park.

At the southern car park, which is in the middle of the beach, there is a series of facilities, such as a caravan park and other food and drink outlets.

Although facilities still exist and operate out of season, there are fewer in the colder months due to the smaller number of people who visit.

Other Information

Newgale is a great beach and covers all types of people, from families with young kids, to hikers, dog owners, fishermen, surfers and other watersport enthusiasts. 

These, along with the good facilities and excellent maintenance, are just some of the reasons why we rate this as one of the best beaches in the UK.

Dog walkers are best down the southern side of the beach as the tide is close to going out as there is a large and quiet expanse of sand which is great for taking the dogs out on for long walks.

For walkers, the beach is great, but also the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path runs along the nearby cliffs the full distance of the beach, allowing for fantastic views.

At the southern part of the beach is a massive rocky area at low-tide, which makes for excellent rock pooling. It is best to park in the southern car park if you wish to take children here due to the length of the beach. 

Furthermore, there are some interesting caves, pools and rock formations to the rear of the beach on the southern bottom quarter of the beach. 

Hotels & rentable serviced accommodation is in short supply in the area, although there are other areas with more of these facilities within a 20-minute drive. St Davids and Broad Haven are both excellent choices for those looking to rent a property or stay in hotel or similar. 

As the beach faces west, the sunsets over the sea are nothing short of amazing! It

Without a doubt, this is one of our favourite beaches on the Pembrokeshire coast

The beaches sheer size means that even when it is busy, there is still plenty of space for everyone, and as it caters for almost every type of person, this is why we hold this beach in such high regard. 

Newgale Beach Rock Formations
Interesting Information
  • The Pembrokeshire Coastal Path that runs above the beach is over 180 miles long!
  • In WWII, the beach was barricaded to help prevent beach invasions by the Nazi’s.
  • Some believe that many years ago a forest was present up to the coast; evidence of this has been found underneath the pebble embankment.
  • During severe storms, the waters can breach the pebble bank wall!

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