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The Best Of Wales | Wisemans Bridge

Wisemans Bride, Pembrokeshire, Wales UK FB

Wisemans Bridge showcases the best of Wales’ coastline!

What used to be old rail lines to transport coal by cart to the nearby port of Saundersfoot, has not transformed into a beautiful section of coastline that is a must-see!

From its old mining tunnels to its interesting rock features along the shore, this stretch of the coast will leave you lost for words!

Wisemans bridge beautifully captures the history of mining and mixes it perfectly with nature and beauty.

On a sunny day, or at sunrise or set, the beauty of this place is something to behold!

Wisemans Bridge Is In This Video:

Access To Wisemans Bridge

It is possible to access Wisemands bridge from multiple locations!

The easiest way is to arrive by car and park up! There is a good amount of parking, but in peak season, it can get busy, quick!

Alternatively, you could come from the fantastic Amroth along the coastal path or take the amazing walk from Saundersfoot either along the coastal walkway or along the rocky shores!

We would highly recommend that you drive into this location, and use it as a start/finish point for Saundersfoot if you like to walk and explore!

Access onto the beach here is easy, the parking is right next to the beach. Those with severe mobility issues might find the stones and getting onto the beach a little tricky, but with some help, it shouldn’t be a problem for most!

Nearest Postcode: SA69 9AT

Facilities At The Beach

The facilities here are basic. There are toilets, a well-sized pub and parking. 

The Best Of Wales & A Must-Do!

The walk between Wisemans Bridge and Saundersfoot Beach is nothing short of breathtaking! Even more so on a beautiful day!

Regardless of which way you do it, we highly recommend that you walk one way along the beach and rocks, and return the other along the pathway.

There is so much natural beauty to take in, which merges magically with the industrial roots!

You will absorb the most from both the lower perspective of the shoreline to the higher perspective of the pathway! Just make sure you walk the shoreline towards low tide to get the best out of it.

You will find streams running into the sea, rock formations from another planet and views that will refresh your soul!

Depending on where you start from, the old mining tunnels, which are not footpaths, will just add to the experience and make the effort of the walk well worth the effort.

For those who struggle to get around, the pathway is very flat and easy to navigate.

If you love this area and like to walk, the walkthrough to Monkstone Beach will leave you lost for words! Should you go the coastal path, or along the shoreline, there is plenty to take in!

Wisemans Bridge Coastline

On The Beach

The beach is a rugged but fascinating area. There is an interesting combination of boulders, pebbles, golden sand and huge slabs of rocks.

It might not be the long golden sands that some people are looking for, but it certainly is packed with character and surrounded by beauty!

Furthermore, dogs are welcome year-round, of which dogs that like adventure will love to scramble to coast between here and the tunnels!

This is a popular destination, for obvious reasons, and can get very busy in the summer months. If you prefer it quieter, but still want the ‘good’ weather, mid-week outside of the holidays, or weekends Apr-June and Sep-Oct are likely to be the best times for you!

Another interesting location a short drive away is Barafundle Bay!

Wisemans Bridge From Above

Our Final Thoughts

There is no doubt in our mind this area and what surrounds it is some of the best of Wales and what it has to offer!

Furthermore, there are some many fantastic places nearby and lots of activities, in a short distance there is something for everyone!

Whatever your preferences are, this is a great place to see, and you should do so, even if you just pass through!

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