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Places To Go In The UK | Newport Sands Beach

Newport Sands Beach

One of the best places to go in the UK is Newport Sands Beach if you like to be by the ocean!

Located in the north of Pembrokeshire, Newport Sands is a popular holiday destination.

It is no surprise the area is such a popular destination! A stunning location combined with excellent facilities and easy access makes for one of Wales’ best beach locations.

The beach is accommodating for many different types of people and interests. As a result, we highly recommend this beach, but when is the best time to go will vary depending on your personal preferences.

Along with Newgale beach, we rate Newport Sands as the best all-round beach in Pembrokeshire

Our Full Newport Sands Video Review:

Access To Newports Sands Beach

Newport Sands Beach is very accessible.

The easiest way to access is by the North Beach car park or drive straight onto the sands of the beach when permitted.

Alternatively, there is parking at the south beach and in the nearby town of Newport.

In season, this beach can get very popular, and parking is limited, so bear that in mind when travelling at busy periods. Car parking prices are reasonable.

For those with mobility issues, Newport sands is one of the best places to go in the UK relating to beaches! Not only can you park very close, or on the beach, but the sands are firm and flat and mostly easy to travel across, particularly on the north part of the beach.

North Beach: SA42 0NR

North Beach

The north beach has a good expanse of rich golden sand, even at high tide, which means people can enjoy the beach at any time of day!

Here, there is a car park, toilets, cafe and in season, lifeguard facilities.

Furthermore, there is a golf club a short walk away from the beach, which also has a cafe that is open to the public.

On the beach itself, the waters are shallow and free from rocks, making it easy to wade in, plus comfortable temperatures in warmer periods.

In regards to exploring, there are some rock formations at the most northern part of the beach which can be explored and harbour a small number of rockpools.

However, towards the centre of the beach, at the rear, are dunes which can be climbed and explored.

North Beach Newport Sands

South Beach

The south beach is a small section of beach in front and behind the boathouse.

There is still a small section that is accessible at high-tide, but the beach expands, more at low-tide.

This part of the beach is popular for launching boats, canoes, paddleboards and other craft.

The facilities here include a boathouse, parking, toilets, a pub and a motorhome and camping site. It is common to see people in this location have a drink and food and sitting outside on the benches provided.

It is possible to wade over the river to the north beach at both low and high tides, but most will leave this to low-tide.


South Beach Newport Sands

Nearby Newport

Although most would consider this a village, due to its size, the nearby town of Newport has excellent facilities.

There are numerous shops, pubs, restaurants which will cater to most people, plus the area is very picturesque, which makes it pleasant to be in.

There are some castle remains here, along with some other historical sites such as the Carreg Coetan and the burial site.

Accommodation is not in short supply, but due to the popularity of the area, it quickly gets full. Around twenty-five minutes away there are the more built-up areas of Fishguard and Goodwick, which have more accommodation.

Furthermore, Poppit Sands, another excellent beach is not far away! 

Our Final Thoughts About The Area

Newport Sands is a great location to visit. It is beautiful, has some of the best on-beach facilities in Pembrokeshire and is accessible to all.

In the summer holidays and weekends around this period, the area can be bustling. If you prefer a quieter beach, it is best to avoid these periods, or attend later in the evenings.

The beach is dog-friendly year-round, which is great for those with furry friends!

For sunsets, the north beach is the best, although both beaches can offer beautiful sights as the sun goes down. The video above gives a good example of this.

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