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Is Marloes Sands Beach One Of The BEST Sandy Beaches In The UK?

Maloes Sands Beach

Marloes Sands Beach in Wales is a stunning and unique place, which could make it one of the best sandy beaches in the UK.

However, it is important to point out that Marloes Sands is a remote beach with little to no facilities within an easy walking distance.

The beach is located on the southwest part of the Pembrokeshire coast.

Below are some quick key points about the area:

  • There is close to 1-mile of a rich, clean and sandy beachfront which has large and interesting rock formations.
  • The beach is dog-friendly year-round.
  • Car parking facilities are within a 15-minute walk to the beach.
  • Fishing is permitted.
  • Rich in wildlife. 
  • No lifeguards are present year-round. 
  • Nearest postcode: SA62 3AT

Marloes Sands Beach Review:

Access To The Beach

Parking by the beach is cheap. There is a fair amount of well-maintained parking lots on a nearby council car park which is better suited when the field parking nearby is wet or closed.

The field parking nearby is much larger and a shorter walk from the beach, which we would recommend you use, weather permitting, as it keeps the walk down to the beach shorter.

Getting onto the beach at any point could be challenging for those with mobility issues; this is due to large stones, pebbles and rocks being present at the entrance to the beach.

However, the path down to the beach from the car parks is well maintained. There is a steady incline when returning from the beach, which may present an issue for some.

For those with severe mobility issues, Freshwater East is better choice!

Marloes Sands Path In
Tides & Slope

When at low-tide, the beach is huge! There is plenty of sand, and the beach could easily accommodate many people.

The waters out to the sea are sandy and shallow, allowing for warmer waters in hotter weather, plus the joys of being able to wade out decent distances. Those looking for one of the best sandy beaches with interesting features, will struggle to do any better!

Surfing is not as popular here, mostly due to the distances involved in bringing surfing equipment to the beach, although that does not stop some!

It is possible to have many hours at the beach by getting there before several hours before low-tide.

However, we would advise you to be aware of the tides and ensure that you do not get cut off from leaving the beach.

Facilities At The Beach

There are no local shops, toilets or other facilities. In-season, an ice cream van and other mobile facilities may be present on the car-parking field.

The closest facilities are in Marloes village, which includes a pub and cafe.

Milford Haven and Broad Haven are the closest areas with better facilities. Furthermore, both Pembroke and Haverfordwest, which both have excellent facilities, are within a 30-minute drive.

Nature In The Area

Marloes Sands coast is a Marine conservation zone. Thanks to this, and other efforts made here, there is an abundance of wildlife, some of which includes rare species.

When walking in from the field car park, you will notice an area that has been developed to encourage insect populations. Such projects help keep the area full with wildlife!

There is a wetland area nearby, Marloes Mere, which attracts and maintains various rare types of insects, birds and small mammals.

Close to this, there is Deer Park. Despite its name, there are no deer here, but along with the birds, seals can be found here. Particularly at breeding season, towards the end of summer.

Furthermore, there is Skokholm island, which is a bird reserve which attracts puffins and peregrines, of which there are varying boat trips out to this location!

Other Information

Marloes Sands is a great beach, and you will find a good mix of different people on the beach, although the beach will seem relatively quiet to empty most of the year.

The Pembrokeshire Coastal Path runs along the nearby cliffs the full distance of the beach, allowing for fantastic views.

Hotels & rentable accommodation are in short supply in the area, but there are camping and motorhome facilities  a short drive away.

For those for looking for a large beach with better facilities,  closer parking, better access and/or possibly without the extent of rocks, Newgale Beach is a better choice. 

For those who are looking for a beach that is even more remote and less-visited, then the nearby Lindsway Bay  is an excellent choice! 

The nearby harbour village of Dale is a short drive away. Although it may be small, it has a rich history of military defence and even beer production!

Interesting Information
  • The beach has been used for the backdrop of several movies, including Snow White & the Huntsman.
  • On the right day, you can catch seals and rare birds around the area.
  • There is an old RAF airbase on the southern cliffs above Marloes Sands Beach.
  • The beach completely disappears at high tide. 
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