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Freshwater West Beach | BEST Surfing Wales Has To Offer

Freshwater West Beach

Freshwater West is known for some of the best surfing Wales has to offer!

It is located on the southwest of the Pembrokeshire coast and is around seven miles from Pembroke Castle.

This beach is a wow beach! So much so, it has been used in several Hollywood movies!

At close to 1-mile long, the vast expanses of clean golden sands, surrounded sand dunes, with the shallow and light blue seas, make for a stunning location!

Freshwater West is a big hit with surfers and families alike!

See Freshwater West Beach In The Latter Part Of This Video:

Access To The Beach

Getting onto Freshwater West beach is relatively easy, other than some sand dunes. 

The dunes may present an issue for those with severe mobility issues as the sand is very soft.

Accessing the beach with young children should not present too much of an issue.

From any of the car parks, or from the roadside, it is a short walk. At its closest point, the road can be as little as 20m from the beach.

Parking is free, although there are only a small number of car spaces at each of the small car parks near the beach. In busy periods, the nearby road is often used for parking, which can make getting in and out of the area slower at times.


Nearest Postcode: SA71 5AH

Freshwater West Sand Dunes

Facilities At The Beach

There are toilets at the beach, and a small number of catering vans are present in the summer season. 

The toilets and catering vans are located in the most southern car park. This is the largest car park and often the busiest part of the beach.

On The Beach

The beach has very shallow waters, clean sands and interesting rock formations in the centre and at its edges.

You will need to walk over a small pebble bank to get onto the sands.

It goes without saying, there are plenty of rock pools to explore at the ends of the beaches.

However, you need to be aware that the rock formations on the southern part of the beach lead to MOD grounds, of which is restricted access.

When it is hot, the waters here are pleasant, which can be helped further when entering the sea due to the shallow waters. 

The surf here is strong, especially as the tide comes in, which attracts a lot of surfers. Strong currents and rip tides are present here, so one needs to take care when heading out into the water. 

It’s because of these strong currents many claim that Freshwater West beach has the best surfing wales has to offer!

The beach is dog friendly and surrounded by beauty, which can be seen in the video above.

Freshwater West Surfing Waves
Final Thoughts

On a sunny day, in particular, this beach becomes something to behold. The shallow water catches the light perfectly; you would swear you were in another country!

We would highly recommend visiting Pembroke nearby, should you have not have been before and be looking for more to do. Both can be combined on the same day, of which we would highly advise that you head for Pembroke Castle.

Furthermore,  Bulwell Bay is not far away either! If you or your kids love shells, if you can catch this at low-tide, you can collect plenty of seashells here!

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