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Pembroke Castle | One Of The Top Attractions In Wales

Pembroke Castle

Located within the town of Pembroke, Pembroke Castle is one of the top attractions in Wales relating to history & heritage.

Furthermore, it is the largest privately owned castle in Wales and one of the biggest castles in the UK.

The castle is open to the public and can be entered for a nominal fee, although the grounds around are free to access.

The castle is nearly 1000 years old and has a rich past and storey.

The castle is the birthplace of Henry VII, the first monarch in the Tudor dynasty.

The bloody feud between England & Wales lasted many years, and the castle is central to that part of the United Kingdoms history.

See More About The Castle In This Video:

Access To Pembroke Castle

There is a small and cheap car park right next to Pembroke Castle itself, with varying other parking facilities within a short walk.

The site is readily accessible to all members of the public, although some parts of the castle may not be accessible to those with limited mobility.

Entrance to the castle is on the south side and is accessible straight from the main road.

Nearest Postcode: SA71 4LA

Around The Castle

Other than the castle its self, there is plenty to do around in Pembroke. 

Closeby, the moat is pleasant to walk around with an array of animals, creatures and birds, such as swans and ducks.

There is a boat hire service right next to the castle (Apr-Oct), allowing you to row around the moat. The boat hire prices are low and represent excellent value for money, plus there is also a guided tour option.

As the castle is in the middle of Pembroke, there are many great pubs, restaurants and cafes nearby, along with other facilities found in towns.

A cafe and pub are right on the edge of the castle, with many other options being just a short walk away. 

Following the part about the castle in the video above, there is Bulwell Bay nearby (15-minute drive). 

These two could be combined on the same day, which would make for a fascinating day and still allow plenty of time to experience the town of Pembroke. 

Around Pembroke Castle

Inside The Castle

Pembroke Castle represents excellent value for money!

The castle hoasts guided tours, which are inclusive of the entrance fee. There is a lot of information to be learned from the guides, as well as enjoyable entertainment.

As you enter the castle, there is a video that provides information about the castle. Following this, there are several exhibitions in the castle covering different points in time.

As can be seen in the video above, there is a large map of Wales in the castle on the ground! It is alleged that this is the largest map of Wales in the world!

The castle sits on top of a large cavern called Wogan’s Cavern which can be accessed from within the castle. Legend says that this once was home of a great dragon.

Furthermore, there is a keep and dungeon tower at the castle with an interesting past!

Better still, your dog can join you in the castle in the daytime, except for the cafe and the shop.

The castle hosts varying themed events, festivals throughout the year and even hosts weddings. What a place to get married!

As mentioned, there is a shop and cafe to purchase gifts, other related goods, plus food and drinks.

Other Information

Overall, we really like Pembroke Castle and the surrounding town of Pembroke!

An enjoyable day can be had without spending a lot of money, especially for those with kids.

For kids especially, we would recommend the boat hire, as the cost is per boat, not per person, plus feeding the ducks and swans, along with a walk around the grounds and going in the castle its self.

Paddle West operates the rowboats and tours at the castle.

For adults, there is the above, but also many great places to eat, drink, along with walks.

A short drive away, there is Pembroke Dock, which has an interesting array of boats and sights.

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