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Unique Places To Go With Kids In Wales (UK) - Bulwell Bay - Wow!

Bulwell Bay Milford Haven

Located next to a power plant and around other industrial operations, Bulwell Bay could easily be overlooked.

However, there is a part of Bulwell Bay, which at low-tide uncovers millions of seashells close to the tree-line.

It’s not for everyone, but if you love seashells and are interested in quirky and unique places, this is for you!

Better yet, if you have kids, they will really enjoy collecting the vast number of different shells here!

Furthermore, it is common to see large ships stationed here or moving in and out as it is right on the Milford Haven Waterway next to the refuelling operations.

See Video After Below (After Part About Pembroke Castle)...

Access To Bulwell Bay

Parking is restricted, but free. You can park within a 5-minute walk of the bay and pass over the marshes to access Bulwell Bay and the seashells that reside there.

However, please be advised, these marshes may not be suitable to walk along in prolonged damp conditions.

As a result, we recommend you bring some hiking shoes, or wellies unless the weather has been dry and warm for a prolonged period.

Please note, if brining dogs, or small children, that although the bay its self is very sturdy to walk on when the tide is out, there are silts in front of the waterline that it is possible to get stuck in.

Bulwell Bay is a 10-minute drive from Pembroke Castle. These two locations can be combined on the same day and make for a very affordable and interesting day out; especially for kids.

Nearest Postcode: SA71 5TL

Tide Times

It is best to visit Bulwell Bay at low-tide as this exposes most of the shells.

We have found that three hours before low-tide allows for plenty of access and lots of time to spend in the location.

Seashells At Bulwell Bay

Other Information

Bulwell Bay is next to Pembroke power station and other industrial facilities. As a result, it does smell of petroleum and related products.

The bay is situated on the Milford Haven Waterway, which is the alledged to be the deepest natural waterway in the world. 

Furthermore, the waterway is the largest in Wales, is home to Wales’ largest port, which is the third largest in the UK. 

Ships can include petrochemical tankers, cruise ships, ferries, fishing boats and many types of smaller vessels. 

Another great option is to combine a visit here with the beach at Freshwater West!

Less than 15 minutes away, this beach is one of the best in the area. It is highly recommended for families, dog-owners, surfers and just about everybody else!


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