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Days Out Wales | Porthgain Harbour - One Of The Best Places To Visit In Pembrokeshire

Porthgain Harbour Village

Porthgain Harbour is located on the northern part of the Pembrokeshire coast.

It is on our list as one of the best days out in Wales. Porthgain is a stunning harbour village with a rich history and surrounded by fantastic walks and sights.

Historically, the site was used to export slate from local quarries, then later turning its hand to bricks and road stone. 

Now, people visit Porthgain and its harbour to immerse themselves in its history and beauty, along with the fantastic locations that surround it. Some even come to launch their kayaks and small boats. 

The village may be small, but it has a lot to give and should be on everyone’s bucket list as it is one of the best places to visit in Pembrokeshire. 

See Porthgain Harbour & Around In This Video:

Access To Porthgain Harbour

Getting into Porthgain village is readily accessible by car. Parking is mostly on the streets in the area, which can get restrictive in peak season. However, it is possible to park a little further out of the village and take a short walk in.

There is also the Stumble Shuttle bus service.

Moving around the harbour and village is easy as it is mostly flat, and should not cause any issues for those with mobility issues.

Access onto the coastal path on either side is relatively steep, and may present a challenge for those with more severe mobility issues.

An equally beautiful place with better access can be found not too far away at Newport Sands.

Closest Postcode: SA62 5BN

Porthgain Harbour

Facilities In The Village

For everyday items and small gifts, there are two shops within the village.

There are also two places where you can get a meal and drink, The Shed and The Sloop, both of which offer excellent food at a reasonable price.

Furthermore, there is a local art gallery, Harbour Lights Gallery, that has excellent and interesting artwork. There is varying different forms of art, which include pieces that have been inspired by the surrounding area.

There are several places that offer location within the village, plus nearby camping and caravanning sites. 

Public toilets are present within the village.

The Harbour & Beyond: Westward

The Pembrokeshire Coastal path passes through the harbour, so one of the best walking routes in the UK is within a short distance. 

The route stretches a total of 186 miles, so you are not short on options! Plus, there are multiple other paths and trails inland that one can walk, making this area a big hit with those who like to stretch their legs! 

We would highly recommend that you walk the coastal path to Traeth Llyfn beach. The beach is nothing short of stunning, of which it can be seen in the video above! The combination of the village, harbour, coastal walk and beach makes for one of the best days out in Wales!

From here, should you so choose, you can walk to the popular Blue Lagoon, a 25m deep disused quarry full of clear water that people jump, dive and swim into. Right next to this is the renowned Abereiddy beach, known for its excellent surf. 

It is then possible to walk back inland through the stunning countryside right back to Porthgain for those who like to walk!

The Harbour & Beyond: Eastward

Eastward along the coastal path with take you to the small village of Trefin, and a further walk will take you to the small, but pretty, Abercastle harbour and beach.

Final Thoughts

With an early start, our recommended route would allow you to enjoy the village and its harbour, along with the nearby beach.

For avid walkers, who wish to walk to walk further, we would recommend you allow at least two to three full days so you can enjoy the beauty and sights of what these places have to offer.

Although it is possible to walk both routes in a day, there is much to take in and see, which we feel you would miss out on when trying to rush through the areas.

If you are a big fan of stunning scenery, quaint villages and enjoy to walk, we believe you will agree with us that this is one of the best places to visit in Pembrokeshire!

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