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Saundersfoot Beach & Town

Saundersfoot Town & Main Beach

Saundersfoot beach is a popular and attractive destination, of which people from all over the UK, and further afield come to visit!

Although Saundersfoot is technically a village, it has the facilities and popularity of a small market town!

The area is surrounded by beauty and activities, which caters for a broad range of people and gives people plenty of options for things to see and do!

Saundersfoot ‘town’ is right up on the list of one of the best and interesting seaside towns to visit within Wales.

Saundersfoot Full Review In This Video:

A Breakdown Of Saundersfoot

Although Saundersfoot is relatively small in size, there is plenty to see and do here! As a result, in this guide, we have broken down the area into sections as follows:

  • Glen Beach
  • Saundersfoot Harbour
  • The Town Centre
  • The Main Beach
  • Coppet Hall Beach

There are also other areas nearby, which have their own guides on separate pages. We highly recommend you incorporate these areas during a visit if they suit your interests!

Monkstone beach, which is south of Glen Beach is an excellent and tranquil beach location.

From Coppet Hall beach, travelling northeast, there is a fantastic walk and coastal scenery that leads through old mining tunnels to Wisemans bridge.

Glen Beach

Glen beach is immediately south of Saundersfoot harbour, which at low-tide it is possible to walk along the coast all the way to (or from) Monkstone beach.

At high tide, most of this section will be underwater, so it is best to time it right!

To access the beach, other than above, you can either enter from the harbour or the several paths leading down from the Pembrokeshire Coastal Path above the cliffs.

For those with mobility issues, the harbour is the best place to access as there is a ramp there. However, keep in mind with any mobility equipment, there are soft sands here.

Glen beach is nothing short of stunning. It is packed with interesting features, such as rocks, cliffs, streams and rockpools. There is plenty to explore here, regardless of the time of year!

As it is still close to the main town, there are plenty of facilities within a short distance. The nearest parking place is the harbour, which has more details below.

The beach is dog-friendly year-round. 

Glen Beach

Saundersfoot Harbour

Saundersfoot harbour has some great sights, especially if you like boats! The harbour tastefully integrates into the town and houses varying different sea vessels.

Separating Glen Beach from the main beach, the sturdy sea bearing walls shelter the vessels here from the sea and are fully accessible by foot.

You may even catch the odd fisherman here close to the lighthouse.

If you are planning any boat trips or fishing adventures, this is where you will depart from.

This harbour was once a port to ferry coal out of the area which was mined locally. Old rail lines used to lead here from the surrounding areas.

The public toilets are found here, plus the main parking for the area is next door.

Nearest Postcode: SA69 9HE

The Town Centre

pubs, most of which are independent businesses.

Should it be freshly fried doughnuts, gorgeous locally sourced icecream, tasty newly baked cakes or a nice cold pint, Saundersfoot town has plenty of choices!

Not only that, you can have something to eat or drink why overlooking the beach, take to the local shops for clothes, gifts and other items, or step back from the beachfront and dine at a multitude of establishments, including several places that specialise in fresh seafood caught locally!

Furthermore, you are a brief walk from the main beach, so at any point, you can switch between these two locations, which will suit the majority of people!

Saundersfoot Town & Harbour

The Main Beach

The main beach is mostly soft golden sand, with some small pebbles and stones here and there.

This beach gets very popular in the summer months. If you prefer it quieter, it is best to come outside of these periods.

There will be a lot going on, both on the beach and the water in the summer months. However, out of season, especially at weekends, the beach can still be a popular location.

In the summer months, dogs are not allowed on the beach, but out of season, it is common to find dogs and there owners here throughout the day.

Public toilets are a short walk from the beach over to the rear of the harbour, and there are numerous places for food and drink right next to the beach. The best place to park, if there is space, is on the harbour.

The video above shows everything we have covered, plus the areas around, in detail. If you have not already watched, please do.

Coppet Hall Beach

Coppet Hall beach is the northern tip of the main beach. It is a small section of beach situated next to the tunnels that lead to Wisemans Bridge.

There are a kiosk, restaurant toilets and parking at this section of the beach.

Saundersfoot Main Beach Leading To Coppet Hall

Our Final Thoughts

Saundersfoot is a great location and caters to a large number of people. If you like beaches with great access and lots of facilities and things to do nearby, you cannot go wrong!

Furthermore, this, combined with its stunning beauty and scenery, make it hard to beat. Especially with the areas just around it!

Personally, we prefer it outside of the season as we have dogs and prefer it quieter.

Regardless of preference, this is a great place to visit. The only question you need to ask yourself is when should I visit!

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