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Things To Do In Aberystwyth Wales

Aberystwyth North Beach

There are many things to do in Aberystwyth Wales!

Located within Ceredigion, Aberystwyth is a popular holiday resort within the UK, and it is no wonder why.

There is something for everyone here! Granted, it can get busy in season, but if you prefer it quieter, come mid-week outside of major school holidays and enjoy the many sights and activities the area has to give!

This seaside town is a personal favourite of ours. Admittedly, we usually prefer locations that attract fewer people, but we have found when visiting for a couple of days, even people with our personalities can enjoy this place!

Our Full Aberystwyth Video Review:

Access To Aberystwyth Town

Aberystwyth is very accessible. It is possible to travel there by car, bus, coach or by train.

When travelling by car, there is lots of parking. However, in season, you may need to park a bit further out of town depending on the day.

Parking prices are reasonable, and there are many places where you can park for free.

For those with mobility issues, the vast part of town is flat and well-paved, as well as the attractions in the area accommodating disabilities and young families well.

North Promenade: SY23 2BX


Tan Y Bwlch Beach

Before moving into the more popular parts of the town and its attractions, we wanted to cover the quieter side.

Many fail to come to these parts, of which we feel, for some people, they are missing out.

This pebble beach is roughly half a mile long. The pebbles here are plentiful and unique, some of which we have collected in our garden!

Tan Y Bwlch Beach may not be for everyone, but it is the quiet part of the town where you can walk, watch the sunrise or set, and of course, collect numerous unique and interesting pebbles.

For those who like to walk, love open spaces, especially for those with dogs, this is a great place to come.

You can part right by the beach on the free car park that resides there. This is right near the sea bearing wall before the marina.

We can be found standing on the sea bearing wall in our video above.

Pen Dinas Hill Fort

At the start of our video above, we were stood at the structure that stands at the top Pen Dinas Hill.

If you love walking, this is a fantastic location to head for!

There are several routes through this location, one which includes the Ceredigion Coastal Path.

The quickest route to the top is to drive to Parc Dinas and then walk up the hill.

The views from here are stunning, and you will overlook Tan Y Bwlch Beach, as mentioned above.

The ruins of an old fort are visible on Google Maps. According to historical records, the fort here was replaced by the castle further into Aberystwyth, of which the ruins still remain.

Pen Dinas Hill View

South Beach & The Marina

South Beach Promenade Leads To Aberystwyth Castle & War Memorial, of which we will talk about next. 

The beach here is a mixture of shingle and pebbles. Admittedly this is not for everyone, but still, remains popular. 

Lifeguards are present throughout the main season. 

The marina, although not massive, is well presented and has varying small sea vessels. It is certainly worth a look regardless, but for those who like boats, they may stay here a bit longer. 

There is a small pier here that reaches out towards the sea bearing wall at the entry point to the marina. If you are lucky, you may be able to catch boats entering and leaving. 

As mentioned in the video, there is a small hut (PS’s) here where you can get a drink, snack or ice cream. I would highly recommend the ice cream – well worth a stop! 

If you are not quite ready yet, or if you want a more of a selection, PD’s also has a larger diner on the North promenade which offers a broader selection of food, drinks (including alcoholic) and the same lovely icecream! 

Aberystwyth South Beach & Marina

Aberystwyth Castle

We really enjoyed Aberystwyth Castle!

I have to admit; I didn’t expect too much as, from my understanding, it was just some ruins. However, I was pleasantly surprised!

The castle is entirely free to walk around, with many interesting walls, spaces and features.

As you can see in the video above, we had a bit of a climb, although I may be setting a bad example.

Around the castle, there is a playground, public toilets, the old college, of which is a stunning building, St Michael’s Church and the war memorial, which we speak about below.

These are all stunning structures, and we strongly recommend that you take the time to explore this fascinating place that dates back to over 750 years ago! 

Aberystwyth Castle

The War Memorial

This impressive structure is of Italian design and lies to the north west of the castle. 

It was built to commemorate those locally that died in the world wars.

It was first unveiled in 1923 but has since been amended to include those from WW2.

The North Beach & Promenade

The North Beach & Promenade is the most popular part of Aberystwyth.

Closely located next to an extensive array of shops, attractions, restaurants, bars, accommodation and of course the beach, this part of town is trendy, especially on a sunny day.

The Royal Pier is located here of which it is possible to get varying food and drinks, along with entertainment that includes a nightclub, arcade and billiards. Needless to say, this is a popular destination.

It is possible to sit on the promenade and have a meal or drinks and keep an eye on the beach. This is particularly handy if you have children who are not too young and they want to play on the beach why you enjoy a cup of coffee or a nice cold ‘un!

There are several establishments that offer this along the beach, the one you can see in the video is PD’s and is located centrally on the beach.

It is common for live performances to take part in the bandstand in the centre of the beach at certain times of the year

The beach its self is again mostly shingle and pebbles. However, that does not put people off, as it is common to see people taking a dip or on the beach right throughout the year!

Lifeguards are present here throughout the main season.

Behind the promenade is an array of shops and facilities. There are just too many to mention, but it is possible to get just about anything you can conceive!

Aberystwyth North Beach (1)

Constitution Hill

Constitution Hill is a must-see destination for anyone travelling to the area!

The Cliff Railway is the most interesting way to go and is highly recommended, plus it is the easiest. The alternative is to walk up the steep path.

The prices are very reasonable and well worth the experience. For those who can, walking back down is a great experience also.

At the top of the hill, there is a restaurant and bar, a viewing tower and small bowling isle. The food and drink we have had here were very nice and well-priced.

Even without the tower, the views are amazing, and especially at sunset

One thing to note, parking at the bottom of Constitution Hill is restrictive. There are several car parks not too far away, but these can get busy in-season.

Constitution Hill Railway

Other Places Of Interest In Aberystwyth

Below are some other places not covered above to visit whilst in Aberystwyth.

This list is not exclusive, as there are other things to see and do in the area.

The Vale of Rheidol Railway – Take a steam engine driven train ride up to the stunning Devils Bridge through the valleys and hills. 

Ceredigion Museum showcases the history of the local area. 

The National Libary Of Wales is an intellectual office and stores varying information about the counties heritage and culture. 

Parc Natur Penglais – A hilltop nature reserve that is free to walk around. 

Ceredigion Coastal Path – Walk part or all of the 65 miles coastal path between Pembrokeshire and Snowdonia. 

Borth & Ynyslas Beach is a vast, stunning and sandy beach. There is also a nature reserve at Ynyslas towards the northernmost part of the beach. 


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