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Traeth Llyfn Beach Is One Of The Hidden Gems In Pembrokeshire

Traeth Llyfn Beach

Traeth Llyfn Beach is one of Wales’ hidden gems! It is located on the northern part of the Pembrokeshire coast between Porthgain and the Blue Lagoon at Abereiddy beach.

This beach is nothing short of stunning!

Surrounded by high cliffs, the clean sands, interesting rock formations and beautifully coloured seas make for an exciting and interesting location.

Traeth Llyfn is one of our personal favourites, especially on a sunny day as it was in the video below!

See Traeth Llyfn Beach & Around In This Video:

Access To The Beach

There are no shortcuts to this beach; you will have to walk. However, you have the choice of three routes.

The shortest is to park at the car park at Abereiddy Beach and walk up the hill and along the coastal path.

The Blue Lagoon is a disused quarry that is 25m deep and full of seawater. It is a popular attraction for jumping and diving, along with swimming. This is a fantastic and interesting area.

The walk will take around 15-20 minutes without stopping, and the parking at the beach is chargeable.

It is important to note there is a relatively stiff climb up from the car park, which may present a problem for those with severe mobility issues.

In our opinion, the best walk, which is the longest, is from Porthgain Harbour. Although we do highly recommend the Blue Lagoon, the coastal path from the harbour is nothing short of stunning, plus the harbour is an interesting place to visit and has some great places to eat and have a drink.

Ideally, you should do both routes and leave yourself a day to do each, which includes time to spend at Traeth Llyfn beach, plus the other locations.

The walk-in from this route is around 25-30 minutes without stopping, but you will want to leave some time to soak up the beauty of the area!

Parking in this area is free, and this route also may present an issue for those with severe mobility issues.

Alternatively, there is a route in through the road that leads to the farm from the Llanrhian road. From what we have seen of this route, it appears to be easiest to walk, although we cannot comment on the entire route as we have only been as far as the farm, which is about halfway.

Parking is not allowed on this access road, and the closest place to park is Llanrhian road.

In regards to getting onto the beach, one will need to walk down a set of steel steps. The steps are in good order, and of good size, but again those who struggle with stairs wish to give it some thought before hand. The steps are shown in the video footage above.

Beach Location: See On Map

Walk Around From Nearest Harbour

Facilities At The Beach

There are no facilities on the beach. The closest are at the harbour or Abereiddy beach car park.

On The Beach

The beach has shallow waters, clean sands and fascinating rock formations.

On the northern part of the beach, there is a vast expanse of rock formations that make for exciting exploration and are perfect for rock pooling.

The surf here is good, but due to the distances involved, surfers tend to stick to Abereiddy bay.

The beach is dog friendly and surrounded by beauty, which is clearly visible in the video above.

Final Thoughts

The beauty of the beach truly comes into its own on a sunny day!

The waters become shades of turquoise and blue, and all the varying colours of the rocks and foliage on the surrounding cliffs makes for something stunning to behold.

If you can make the walk, then you should go!

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