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Best UK Beaches With Sand | Rhossili Bay Beach

Rhossili Bay Beach

One of the best UK beaches with sand, and there is lots of it, is Rhossili Bay beach in Gower, Wales!

This giant beach is a truly stunning place! Surrounded by cliffs a large hills on one part and dunes on another, this beach makes for fascinating scenery.

The views around this beach will blow you away! It’s not just the views; this beach is great to walk and undertake many other activities

From dog-owners to hikers, from surfers to fisherman, this beach is a popular coastal location for all types of people!

Our Full Rhossili Bay Video Review:

Access To Rhossili Beach

Rhossili bay’s access depends on which way you choose to come onto the beach.

At southernmost part, high above the cliffs is a car park, with other facilities that overlook the beach.

Due to this section being a National Trust site, this is the most well-known location and attracts the most people (usually) to the car park.

However, the vast majority of people who come here, rarely make it onto the beach as they walk down the path from here to the Worms Head Causeway.

It’s our opinion that most of the people get put off from going to the beach. Mostly because of the walk back up the cliff path.

Instead, the majority of people seem to view it from the Worms Head pub, car park and paths above.

Interestingly, the path down to Rhossili Beach well kept. There is a stable, concrete path for the vast majority of it, with the rest of the path being wide and easy to walk on.

However, there are a number of steps, and a decent level of fitness and health is required to get back up this route. It’s the walk up that seems to stop most!

Furthermore, prams are possible; wheelchairs would likely be problematic for most.

When getting onto the beach at the south end, the sand is very firm and flat, which makes it excellent to walk on, or even for power kiting and other similar interests should the weather be suitable.

The northern end, several miles down the beach is much easier to access and is why you will typically see more people at that end of the beach.

From the Hillends car park, which is a privately held car park behind a holiday/park home site, it is less than a five-minute walk.

The walk is a mostly flat sand wooden panel walkway, although there are some soft sandy dunes at the end of this path before getting onto the beach.

Alternatively, it is possible to go several different routes over the dunes from this point.

Most people should be able to access the beach from this car park easily. However, prams and wheelchairs may need wheels that can pass over soft sand easily.

Please note, it is a 30-minute drive between these two car parks due to the route of the roads! 

South Beach: SA3 1PR

North Beach: SA3 1JH

Facilities At The Beach

Facilities at the south end part of the beach are good, these include:

  • A pub (great food, beer and views)
  • Cafes
  • Bistros
  • Icecream shop
  • Gift shop
  • Toilets
  • Plenty of parking

There are some other small businesses in this location and some rental accommodation, with camping and caravaning sites within one mile.


At the north end, of the beach there are the following facilities:

  • Small site shop
  • Restaurant 
  • Surfing store
  • Parking
  • Camping & Caravan Pitches

There are no public toilets at the north end of the beach, only the facilities at the holiday home/camping site. 

Parking here is more limited, which in peak-season, can get busy quickly. There is an overflow field for parking, which for most days, is adequate. 

Rhossili South Beach Facilities

South Beach

The south beach at Rhossili is a stunning scenic location. It is more popular with walkers and dog owners, plus families at the closest part of the beach to the cliff entrance.

The beach is very spacious at low-tide, although there is little to no beach left at high tide!

The sands here are compact, golden and are free from stones and rocks. However, it is possible to find plenty of shells!

As in the video above, it is possible to witness people gliding from the cliffs at times, along with catching boats out fishing and other interesting sights.

The south beach is our prefered section of the beach, the views from the car park/facilities section are stunning, the facilities are excellent, and there are several great walks above the beach for those who like to hike.

We love the perspective from here; it is breathtaking!

Usually, we start with a long walk on the beach with our dogs, before coming back to the pub for some food and drinks.

Rhossili Bay Beach FB

North Beach

The north part of Rhossili beach is perfect for those who want to get straight onto the beach quickly. This section attracts the most fisherman and families as a result!

Surfing is very popular here as not only is it much easier to get onto the beach, but the surf here seems to be the best.

Furthermore, this section of the beach has a considerable number of dunes just waiting for you to explore!

Even more impressive, is that at low-tide it is possible to walk around through Spaniard’s rocks into Blue Pool Bay and Broughton Bay!

This is a perfect walk for dog-owners and hikers alike!

Rhossili Bay North Beach

Our Final Thoughts

Rhossili beach will blow you away! Not just with its vast size, but its stunning beauty!

This location is not a place you will be able to experience in one day; it is just too big! You will need several days to immerse yourself in what it has to offer fully.

For those that love large expanses of coastal sands, we would recommend that you tackle this and through to Broughton bay over several days!

We love this location, so long as you can deal with the access and toilets not being right by the beach, we truly believe that there is something here that everyone can enjoy!

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